About Our Company

About Our Company

MITIE Plumbing & Heating Corporation is a leading independent organization which offers integrated solutions and related services. We specialize in bringing you the highest level of technical expertise in industrial, commercial and residential services.

About Us

Our Services

We prioritized client’s benefits and satisfactions in our services which includes and not limited to; Prevention of backflow in water system, camera line inspections on sewer lines, electrical works, fire suppression, fixture repair and replacement, odor and gas leak locaton, HVAC, jetting, leak detection and repair, plumbing works, pipe repairs and replacement, smoke tests, stoppages, tankless water heaters and water meters.



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Our Partners

Over the years, we have gained the trust of many accredited companies and professionals in the architectural, designing, contracting, and engineering industry. Some of these companies are; TRV Mechanical, Armteck Construction, First Service Residential, The Rinaldi Group, The Carlyle Group, and Stellar Management.

We have worked with professionals from different fields all across Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. Our partners know us for our efficiency, proficiency and accuracy, and so, they are always happy and eager to work with us.

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What We Do

Backflow Prevention Assemblies

We also offer multiple kinds of backflow preventive techniques. However, we are focused mainly on the three commonly known preventers (they are 1. The reduced pressure zone, 2. The pressure vacuum breaker, and 3. The double check assembly). These preventers are installed by our professional team in the water system just after the isolation valve. We also provide another backflow preventive method which is excellent but fairly common. This method is known as AVB (the atmospheric vacuum breaker). It is installed just after the control valve of the pressure zone. Irrespective of the design you choose, we will always provide a suitable backflow prevention technique for your residential or commercial applications.

Camera Line Inspection

With our new high-tech systems, we can carry out inspections on your sewer lines to find out if there is any point of damage or blockages. We can record and video the whole inspection process to help you identify the problem area thereby saving you money and time. This also helps to prevent unnecessary digging. We can locate the utility lines, water, gas, telephone lines, and electricity, giving you a vivid description of each component with the help of these new high-tech systems.

Smoke Testing

Finding and fixing leakage or cracks is a major part of our maintenance system. It is accompanied by other sewer line related issues. We carry out inspections on the pipes with the help of robotic cameras, while we locate cracks with the use of smoke testing apparatus. We always inform the fire department before carrying out a smoke testing test and also distribute door hangers to businesses and homes. We afford you the freedom of dealing with a licensed, insured, experienced, and trusted plumbers. All of our MITIE plumbers are equipped with extensive background and training checks in this field, to give you a feeling of comfortability. Our plumbers are always current with the code of compliance in every field relating to plumbing services. You can be sure to receive the best plumbing service in your home or offices.

Copper Pipe Repair & Replacement

Due to frequent use and aging, copper pipes corrode from chemicals and contaminants in the water. This corrosion can lead to pinhole leaks, pitting, and ultimately, a disastrous failure which can result to flood damages. Our experienced technicians have been trained to fix pipes after identifying the pinhole leaks. Based on prior assessments, they can replace or repair the plumbing system in your home or office.


We have HVAC mechanical engineers, working for both commercial and industrial layouts. We are focused on personalized services and excellence to give you high-quality installations and maintenance for your ventilation systems. Our staff is made up of experienced individuals who have updated knowledge of working with site engineers, architects, plant managers, and developers. It is all done to deliver the best quality of service on schedule.

Electrical Works

Our electrical engineers work with our electricians in the installation of in-house electrical equipment. This makes our electrical service delivery to always be on schedule with a high level of proficiency. At MITIE, we train our electrical staffs on the latest technology in the world to be able to ensure that innovation and quality are being prioritized for our client’s benefit.

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Do you have a project that needs a unique touch of professionalism, or urgent attention? Save yourself the stress of looking for a suitable heating and plumbing specialist and call us for that large project at hand, and we’ll keep to our promise.

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We are proud to announce our talented & trained technicians and the quality of work they provide on every account making the difference between the average and the pro. Get to know us at MITIE plumbing & Heating Corporation today, as you join the winning team.


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